Textile designer Elina Rebers

I graduated as a textile artist MA from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki (Aalto University) in 1992. I design patterns for the textile industry and for different companies. I am a part of a design group called Scandinavian Pattern Collection, through which I now design patterns for costumers in Japan. The projects I have had with the Japanese costumers have been everything from designing the patterns for porcelain to creating pattern designs for umbrellas.

I have been working since 1998 as the head of the department for Design at Novia University of Applied Sciences.

I participate in exhibitions and fairs whit in the design industry.

Elina Rebers


My goal is to design timeless fabrics. I try to design an own collection every second year, still keeping the old ones left. The different patterns form new entireties. In many of my fabrics the horizontal line is often highlighted to symbolize calmness and landscape. My fabrics are graphical and I use stillisized motives with inspiration brought from the nature. I like to use colours, but black and white is a combination that always works.


Elina Rebers

Kustaa Adolfinkatu 30
66900 Uusikaarlepyy

+358 40 140 2332